Generic Drugs

generic vs branded
Generic vs branded

What is generic drugs?

  • Generic – a drug that is fully interchangeable with the original chemical composition.
    The bottom line is that the low cost of its efficacy and safety of such funds as Cialis, Female Viagra, Levitra, and so on at a height, they are manufactured in full compliance with all standards.

What kind of generic drugs you can buy?

  • Sale of generic Levitra, Viagra and Cialis – is the realization of products to solve the problems with erectile dysfunction. This is also the inability to achieve an erection, support of sexual activity.

Helpful information:

  • The main advantage of generic drugs – low cost due to the lack of development costs, clinical trials and license fees from the manufacturers. At the same time, the composition of generics does not differ from the original products.

How it works?

  • Generics significantly increase in humans the level of nitric oxide. It happens in a body during sexual stimulation. As a result – the achievement and maintenance of erection.
  • It is important to understand that generics, which you can buy- are not able to cause an automatic erection, they work only “within the framework” of sexual arousal, which is necessary for sexual intercourse.

What to choose?

  • Many people are often interested about the choice: Dapoxetine or generic Viagra or something else. It is best to get professional help specialist who will prescribe means suitable for you.
  • Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra generic (Vardenafil) – each of these drugs represented in many online stores, the chemical composition varies. Slight differences, but they affect the operation. It refers to the speed of action, the effect of the time of termination.
  • These factors must be taken into account during the purchase. In addition, recorded and possible health problems, which is why it is best to provide for consultation with a physician.