Verner userpicVerner, 48 years old

  • 48 y.o. Cialis works well only if you have normal levels of testosterone, complete abstinence from alcohol and tobacco use, nutrition and physical exercise gives a stunning effect.

Ben userpicBen, 52 years old

  • Cialis works perfectly! This is my favorite drug from ED group pills.

Casanova userpicCasanova, 45 years old

  • There is no equal drug to Tadalafil substance !!! Cialis forever!

George userpicGeorge, 49 years old

  • I am 49, my erection is fine, but began to notice that the brightness of orgasm began to disappear, thinking of the habit of one partner – tried the other lady, the same effect.. I went to the urologist, explained the situation, I asked him the main simple questions and he offered me to try Cialis. His recommendation was 5 mg, I tried to have sex and still no brightness as in the past year. Then I bought 20 mg and the effect was amazing- finally I had fullfilled sexual act! About side effects – all as described: stuffy nose almost immediately after the first half, tolerant, if you sleep lay down, my head does not hurt, if the day has taken as after sex bottles of vodka, feeling, and then realized that I should get tablets of headache before going to sleep-2 tablets at a time, and no headaches then. It is a great remedy but you should not abuse it.

Danny userpicDanny, 34 years old

  • I have problems with premature ejaculation. I read reviews about Cialis but it didn’t help me. This pill is only for a problem of weak potency NOT premature ejaculation..

Muchacho userpicMuchacho, 31 years old

  • I loved the effect of Tadalafil. It is much better for my body than sildenafil. The duration is so so long, awesome! Thanks for fast delivery!

Marc userpicMarc, 34 years old

  • After taking the pill I felt the effect in 30 min. Side effects: the next day a little headache and nasal congestion, but maybe it’s the effect of alcohol :).